BASF Accused of Dumping PFAS in River (FREE)

BASF has been dumping PFAS in Belgian river according to MP. This is a FREE article

There was a discussion between Green MP Mieke Schauvliege and Flemish Environment Minister Zuhal Demir (N-VA) regarding the recent PFAS scandal in Belgium.

The 3M plant in Belgium has been accused of dumping huge quantities of PFAS in the environment.

Schauvliege asked Demir to provide more data regarding the PFAS scandal (3M PFAS Pollution Scandal in Belgium).

Minister Demir said that she has a list of 20 companies who dumped PFAS in the river Schelde.

Schauvliege revealed later on a radio show that BASF, Bayer, ExxonMobil and Ineos were the companies dumping PFAS in the river.

According to Schauvliege: these companies have a license to dump waste water in the rivers. High levels of PFAS have been measured were these companies release their waste waters. The fish in the river have a high level of PFAS contamination. These companies are not respecting environmental norms.

The Belgian Chemical Industry federation, essenscia, said that there was no problem with the waste water and that the chemical companies were respecting the norms.


Sectorfederatie ontkent lozen van PFOS in Schelde: ‘Dit houdt geen steek’


3M PFAS Pollution Scandal in Belgium (FREE)

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