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Covestro and CarboNXT Partner on Polycarbonate Composites Recycling (FREE)

Cooperation between Covestro and recycling specialist carboNXT®.

Recycling of polycarbonate composites

Cooperation with recycling specialist carboNXT®

Production waste is a valuable raw material

Reprocessing on an industrial scale possible

Contribution to more sustainability and resource conservation

The Maezio® brand of continuous fiber-reinforced polycarbonate composites (CFRTPs) developed by Covestro are characterized by their extremely light weight, very high strength and exceptional flexibility of design.

This means that waste generated during the production of composites also becomes a valuable raw material.

However, because they consist of different materials that cannot be easily separated from one another, the recycling of composites is a challenge.

Covestro is cooperating with recycling specialist carboNXT® on this. It has developed a process that allows the waste to be processed on an industrial scale.

“We are very excited about this joint solution, as we cannot process the materials ourselves for technical reasons.

By recycling according to type at our partner’s plant, the raw materials can be converted back into valuable products with similarly good properties as those characteristic of virgin materials.

The recycling of materials makes it possible to use them again in other products. In this way, we save raw material resources and contribute to the focus on the circular economy.”

Lisa Ketelsen, Head of Thermoplastic Composites at Covestro.

“Our company has many years of experience in recycling carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and has the necessary plant technologies to process such waste. We were therefore the partner of choice for this task. From the processed waste, we produce high-quality new compounds of carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate for Covestro at CarboNXT®.”

Tim Rademacker, general manager at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

Demand for such recycled products is high because they are valuable raw materials, but also because more and more industrial customers and consumers are looking for more sustainable products.

The project will now be further developed to market maturity by Covestro, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials and possibly other partners. It is part of a global strategic program with which Covestro is focusing all its energy on the circular economy.


Recycling of polycarbonate composites

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