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News from Plastic Land (FREE)

I was doing my shopping when I realised that more plastic packaging had been removed from the supermarket shelves.

I was shopping at my local super market in Brussels when I noticed that more plastic packaging had been removed from the shelves.

First of all ….

Yoghurt Packaging

Retailer Delhaize has decided to reduce plastic packaging by removing plastic lids from its company owned yoghurt brand.

That’s a nice one in terms of packaging reduction.

Strawberries and Apples

More changes in the fruit and vegetable section.

Plastic packaging for strawberries have been replaced by …. a wooden container.

To be honest with you, I didn’t buy the strawberries because I didn’t know what to do with this kind of wooden container.

How do you dispose properly of this kind of packaging?

No idea …. so it’s not a good idea!

The plastic packaging for apples has been replaced by cardboard packaging. This is a good example where a good LCA is needed to find out whether this is an ecologically justified decision.

Chopping Board

My plastic chopping board needed to be replaced so I went for a new one and I chose the wooden alternative.

However … being a bit clumsy on this one … I placed it in the dish washer to clean it before the first use.

We’ve all been told to “never place a wooden chopping board in a dish washer”.

Here’s why:

It was literally “dismantled”.

A plastic chopping board is much more convenient because you can wash it in the dish washer without any risks.

I should have gone for a plastic one!

That’s it folks!