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Quest® Proganics Launches Organics Recycling (FREE)

Quest® Proganics™ Provides A Transformative Step Forward In Organics Recycling.

Quest Resource Holding Corporation (Nasdaq: QRHC) (“Quest”), a national leader in environmental waste and recycling services, today announced the introduction of Quest® Proganics™, a newly developed process that delivers significant diversion levels of organic waste away from landfills.

More than 23.6 million tons of food waste in the United States ends up in landfills annually from manufacturers, grocery stores and restaurants alone.1 

Using Quest Proganics, clients could achieve as much as 100% diversion of organic waste away from the landfill. For many, that can equate to a reduction in their total landfill of 70% or more.

Quest Proganics provides a single process that handles all organic material.

This includes packaged food, non-packaged food, floral, cardboard, all types of paper products, plastics and waxed cardboard used in food packaging.

All of the materials are handled through a single collection process, making Quest Proganics a cost efficient, comprehensive organics recycling solution.

The organic materials are 100% diverted, recycled and repurposed to create compost, biofuel or animal feed; and the packaging materials are used for Waste-to-Energy (WTE).

“As a recycling innovator, we seek to progress and develop the standard for organics recycling. The introduction of Quest Proganics is the next step forward, which supports the zero-waste goal that many companies are pursuing and the compliance with increasing waste regulations. Quantified, sustainable results separate Quest Proganics from all other services on the market and proves it is transformative in organics recycling. It delivers direct economic benefits as well as a number of other operational advantages”

Quest President and Chief Executive Officer S. Ray Hatch.

Quest has been providing organic waste solutions for more than a decade to a variety of industries across the United States.

The success and learnings from these client-tailored programs, coupled with an eye towards innovation, has led to the formulation of Quest Proganics and the breakthrough results that the service delivers.

For companies that may have different needs, Quest also builds custom organic recycling programs to meet their unique business and sustainability goals.

1Feeding America, 2021. www.feedingamerica.org/our-work/our-approach/reduce-food-waste

About Quest Resource Holding Corporation

Quest is a national provider of waste and recycling services that enable customers to achieve and satisfy their environmental and sustainability goals and responsibilities.

Quest provides businesses across multiple industry sectors with single source, customer specific solutions to address a wide variety of waste streams and recyclables generated by their operations.

Quest also provides information and data that tracks and reports the environmental results of Quest’s services, provides actionable data to improve business operations, and enables Quest’s customers to achieve and satisfy their environmental and sustainability goals and responsibilities.


Quest® Proganics™ Provides A Transformative Step Forward In Organics Recycling