Terracycle Awarded on TIME 100 Most Influential Companies (FREE)

TerraCycle has been recognized on TIME magazine’s inaugural list of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies. This is a FREE article

Tecycling is a tricky business.

Many everyday objects are composed of more than one material, making them challenging—and expensive—to break down.

TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky’s solution is to charge companies for collection and disposal of difficult-to-recycle materials—including coffee pods, pens and PPE—which in turn reduces the companies’ environmental footprints.

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It then converts the waste into raw materials that can be reused to create items from park benches to watering cans.

Its sustainable model, buoyed by buy-in from corporations such as Colgate, P&G and Gillette, could be the key to unlocking recycling’s full potential at scale.

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TIME100 Most Influential Companies

Personal Remarks

Congratulations to Tom Szaky. What a great achievement.

There’s something about Tom Szaky that makes him “trustable”.

Maybe it’s the fact that he looks less “corporate”.

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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