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Bio-on Starting Bid € 95 Mln (FREE)

It will cost you at least € 95 Mln to buy Bio-on

Auction Rules

  • 4th May 2021- The deadline to place an offer (12:00 a.m)
  • 5th May 2021 – The date when the public auction will take place (at 11.10)
  • The starting bid (=minimum offer) is € 94.956.796 – Offers at a lower price will not be accepted.
  • The minimum bid increase is €100.000.
  • €. 1.000.000 – minimum deposit to access the Data Room, this will be considered as a prepayment in the case of a successful acquisition or refunded.
  • The procedure and the documentation are in Italian.

Single Lot

The Single Joint Lot that will be sold includes:

  1. BIO-ON Business Complex and in particular
  • property complex located in the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), Via Legnana n. 1900, Loc. Gaiana;
  • PHAs bio-plastic production plant located in the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), Via Legnana n. 1900, Loc. Gaiana;
  • equipment, furniture and furnishings;
  • patent portfolio and company information;
  • brand portfolio, consisting of proprietary brands;
  • equity investments;
  • company information constituting the fermentation technology deriving from the “Research project for the realisation of plants suitable for producing bioplastics from agricultural crops”;
  • registered movable property;
  • PHA / PHB powder warehouse stocks and other stocks;
  • pending contracts, including employment relationships;
  1. BIO-ON Plants Business Complex and in particular by:
  • ​​movable property consisting of: laboratory equipment, mechanical workshop equipment, electrical workshop equipment, various furniture and furnishings, various equipment, electronic office machines;
  • PHA / PHB powder warehouse stocks and other inventories;
  • pending contracts, including employment relationships.


The Court of Bologna has dedicated a website to the auction of Bio-on. The website can be found on the following link. Important documents can be downloaded at the bottom right of that website.


Data Room

The index of the data Room


If you’re interested, I think you should …

  • Get a team around you cos it’s going to be Rock and Roll
  • Get an Italian lawyer / legal adviser (and legal translator) to go through all the documents and to represent yourself in Italy and the procedures.
  • Check the validity of the patents from a legal, engineering and technology pov
  • Get engineers involved
  • Operation ability of the plant
    • Can the plant be started easily? Do you need to make additional investment to launch it? How much more?
    • Are the processes sound?
    • Is the industrial equipment complete?
    • Is the (feedstock) supply chain OK?
    • Output capacity
  • Find a bank in Italy (for the prepayments and funds transfer) etc

Personal Remarks

I think that the company that buys Bio-on could become a PHA leader overnight. The plant is located in Italy (it could have been worse: Italian dolce vita, good food, nice weather, good life).

The guys / team / company that can digest and process the whole shebang in less than 30 days are world champions and could turn this into a success story.

I think if you can buy it for less than € 150 Mln, you get yourself a deal!

Remember, you don’t have to wait 1 year to draw the plans and 2 year to build the plant. Its already there and it’s almost new, never used in the middle of Europe.

If you have any questions, you can contact me


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