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Symphony Environmental 2020 Results

There's been a lot of discussion regarding the value of the OXO biodegradable industry. Here are some numbers.

Symphony Environmental is the world’s largest producer of OXO biodegradable plastics.

2020 2019
d2w Masterbatch£7.27 million£7.14 million2% increase
d2p Masterbatch£0.47 million£0.25 million88% increase
Finished Products£1.80 million£0.60 million200% increase
Other£0.23 million£0.23 million 
  • Gross profit £4.11 million (2019: £3.78 million)
  • Reported loss before tax £0.44 million (2019: £0.70 million)
  • Basic loss per share 0.19p (2019: 0.41p)
  • Cash used in operations £1.44 million (2019: £0.73 million)
  • Net current assets £3.63 million (2019: £2.85 million)

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Symphony Environmental report a 19% increase in Group revenue for the year


Some people claim that the OXO biodegradable industry is a billion $ per year industry.

Yeah, right!