Floreon Wins Grips Award (FREE)

On 18th March, Floreon competed as a finalist for an award at the GRIPS 2021 conference.

Floreon, a UK based and materials technology company with globally patented formulations, recently competed at the GRIPS 2021 conference in their poster competition.

This required a poster, shown above, and an accompanying 250-word statement about their technology.

Floreon own the patent for a unique formulation, taking the bioplastic PLA, and making it ten times tougher.

This enhanced bioplastic also offers up to six times lower carbon footprint than oil-based plastics.

This represents an enormous opportunity across plenty of industries, including car manufacturing and toy manufacturing.

With brands looking to increase their sustainability, Floreon promises environmental benefits without the compromise on performance.

After being selected as one of six finalists for the competition, Dr Andrew Gill, Floreon’s Technical Director, presented Floreon’s technology at the conference and took questions from the panel of judges.

The winner was then decided by votes, which saw Floreon win by a sizeable margin, proving the growing support for their renewable alternative to traditional plastics.

Since then, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining have published an online article about this outstanding achievement.

“We want to thank everyone who voted for us. We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who have been in touch following the competition. It is extremely positive for us because we are committed to offering our high performing bioplastic as a replacement for oil-based plastics, which are draining the earth’s finite resources.”

Dr Andrew Gill, Floreon


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