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Floreon and Addiplast Partner on Bioplastics (FREE)

Floreon are an award-winning materials technology company. Floreon use PLA, a plant-based plastic typically derived from corn and sugar beet, as their base material. This is a FREE article.

Since the beginning of Floreon ten years ago, the company have expanded the potential uses for PLA into durable applications through their globally patented formulations.

This has led to partnerships such as the one which exists between Floreon and Addiplast Group. Addiplast are one of Floreon’s trusted compounding partners and are based in France, which evidences the global reach of Floreon.

The two companies entered into the partnership in 2019 with the same aim, to create sustainable solutions for the planet.

In 2019, when the partnership between ADDIPLAST GROUP and FLOREON began, the ADDISCIENCE® team (editor’s note: ADDIPLAST GROUP’s R&D center) was very receptive and enthusiastic about working together and developing PLA. ADDISCIENCE®’s extrusion and characterization equipment and its experience in compounding thermoplastic materials were put at the service of FLOREON, each with the idea that they were thus participating in the transformation of the world of plastics processing in the future, by helping to create products that are more environmentally friendly. FLOREON’s strength also lies in its ability to make everyone want to get involved. It is therefore with an undisguised desire that ADDISCIENCE® will continue to advance with FLOREON to research and develop the plastic materials of tomorrow.

Quentin Boulard (Product Development and Formulation Manager Addiplast Group)



Addiplast Group collaborates with Floreon

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