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Biobased ptential reports on Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania.

BIC has published an updated report mapping the opportunities for a green and sustainable transformation in Portugal.

This in-depth exploration of Portugal’s agri-food, forestry, marine (algae, aquaculture and fisheries) and green chemicals sectors as well as the food and beverages and pulp, paper and wood industries has revealed Portugal’s potential to become a Europeam Green Deal champion.

Portugal’s growing bioeconomy sector already contributes almost 20 bn€ to its economy and the BIC report identifies new opportunities to fast-track green economic growth.

While Portugal will soon finalise its first-ever national bioeconomy strategy, the BIC report highlights Portugal’s robust innovation ecosystem and applauds the country’s rising influence as a biotech leader, its thriving marine sector and the significant opportunities to create value from resources and organic waste.

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