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Delhaize Goes Recycled Paper Trays (FREE)

From today, Delhaize will gradually replace traditional plastic trays with a sustainable paper solution for its meat products

75 tonnes of plastic less per year

Initially, all minced meat products and a selection of beef products will be affected. 

Ultimately, however, this transition will apply to the majority of the assortment. 

These new packaging will save 75 tonnes of plastic per year. 

This drastic measure is part of Delhaize’s ambition to become – eventually – plastic neutral.

Everyone who goes through the butcher’s section of a supermarket has the same observation: plastic packaging is unfortunately legion. 

But that will soon be a thing of the past, because Delhaize will revolutionize this department by replacing plastic containers with paper packaging.

Concretely, we use a paper dish made from trees grown in a sustainable way, therefore easily recyclable afterwards. 

This dish reduces the amount of plastic used by 90%. Not all of it, because the film that covers the dish remains plastic. 

But the customer can easily separate it from the paper tray. 

This indication is also present on the packaging so that the customer is well informed.

While offering sustainable packaging is a priority, this should not be at the expense of quality or shelf life. 

The paper packaging therefore guarantees the same shelf life as traditional plastic packaging.

Rome was not built in a day, and so is a plastic-free world. 

But Delhaize is convinced that we can get there, step by step, in close collaboration with its customers and partners. 

Delhaize starts with all ground meat products and some specific beef products. 

After the summer holidays, the lamb and the assortment of organic pork and beef will also be packaged in this new packaging, which will eventually be used for the majority of the assortment. 

This new packaging will save 75 tonnes of plastic in 2021 alone, and that number will only increase as it is extended to the entire assortment.

The Lion’s Footprint: less plastic, less CO ² , less food waste

This project is not a “one shot”: it is part of “The Lion’s Footprint”, a larger program in which Delhaize assumes its social responsibility. At Delhaize, the train is really moving because a new innovation is introduced every week in order to get closer to its goal.

In 2019, Delhaize launched “The Lion’s Footprint”, an ambitious sustainable development plan in which the company is 100% committed to the environment and thus aims to reduce its carbon footprint. 

This plan has three main components: achieving plastic neutrality via an ambitious objective, reducing (food) waste and aiming for carbon neutrality by the end of 2021.

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