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Biodegradable Golf Tees

Environmental Golf & New Biodegradable Plastic Tees

Every biodegradable bamboo tee brought from Green Tees is considered to be one less plastic tee being manufactured and being eventually sent to landfill.

Founder, Simon Hassett, considers each order, designed and shipped from their facility in Southampton UK, a win for the environment.

“We’re elated by the number of people who are making the change from plastic or hardwood to sustainable and environmentally friendly bamboo tees.”

Bamboo was an obvious choice for making golf tees because it is incredibly strong, biodegradable, it creates 7x more oxygen than hardwood and can be harvested very soon after being planted, due to the incredible rate at which is grows.

Biodegradable Plastic Tees

Green Tees have worked harder than anyone else to make it simpler to make the right choice when choosing a tee peg.

They offer direct size replacements for the most popular sizes of plastic castle tees, they have almost halved the prices of their tees since launch and are reinvesting all money made in to research and innovation in the field of environmentalism in golf.

“There has been talk about using biodegradable plastics in golf tee manufacturing for sometime – but with our new hollow structure castle tees, we are the first to actually do it.” – Simon Hassett

Green Tees launched biodegradable plastic tees exclusively to their thousands of customers from https://greentees.co on February 15th 2021.

Despite no official return date to golf having been announced at the time, they received orders which accounted for over 20,000 biodegradable plastic tees being shipped in the first week.

In the coming weeks, Green Tees will be opening up availability of these tees to retailers all over the UK and offering an incredibly wide variety of sizes.

“Being an independent company that specialises in environmental golf tees means that we can move faster than the big companies and innovate quickly.” – Simon Hassett


Green Tees launched in March 2020 selling directly from the own website, greentees.co and through a number of golf club Pro Shops.

Despite a difficult year for the game of golf – Green Tees has grown beyond expectations with thousands of customers and having shipped over 1.5 million tees in the first year.

The Green Tees range of tees is the largest environmental available anywhere – including 3 castle sizes, 4 standard sizes and a wide collection of biodegradable plastic tees, which are named ‘biotees’.


Green Tees – Environmental Golf & New Biodegradable Plastic Tees

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