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Major Problem of EU BioEconomy (FREE)

Let's look at why nobody in Europe identifies with the bio-economy! This is a free article.

What is it?

Most EU citizens don’t know what the bio-economy is.

If you dig a bit more and keep asking what they understand or perceive as the “bio-economy”, you might end up with one of the following options:

  • Hippies
  • Flower power movement
  • Hillbillies
  • Kibbutz
  • Pot-smoking Santa Claus dressed with velour pants

Some people think the bio-economy is like growing your own foods in your own garden, using no electricity, no internet, and no warm water. Some people believe the bio-economy is a congregation of Hermits.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with the hippies, flower power, kibbutz, hillybillies or Santa claus.

Major Problem

It tells us what the major problem of the bio-economy is: ….

the bio-economy doesn’t look cool and sexy to the wider audiences.

It doesn’t look appealing to the younger generations.

Remember, it’s more important to get the younger generations on board than the retired guys.

Why am I saying this?

When looking at the spokespersons and leaders brought forward at bioeconomy events and conferences … old, retired and grey men who don’t look cool at all.

Then I wonder … are they trying to kill the bio-economy?

EU vs US

This is a big difference between American and European politicians.

US politicians understand the “cool” factor …. European politicians don’t understand the importance of the “packaging”.

Look at the last US presidents: Bush, Clinton, Obama, Trump and Biden. To some extend, they look cool.

Now, look at the last European Commission presidents: Prodi, Barroso, Juncker and Von der Leyen. Do they look cool to you? Nope, I think they look at bit boring.

The cherry on the cake to prove my point. Look at who the EU institutions have selected to sell the Green Deal to the EU population: Frans Timmermans.

Good luck with that!

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