Plastic Packaging State of the Union

Would you like to have a high level unfiltered discussion and an independent point of view on packaging and materials? I may not be able to answer all your questions but I can tell you what I know. Some things cannot be written but can be told over the phone in a one hour call for 125 €.

Here are the topics that I think relevant

Current Situation

  • What is the current situation?


  • Reality check. Is there a difference between reality and perception?


  • Are bioplastics a real or fake solution? What are the limitations?

Circular Economy

  • What is the real dynamic behind the circular economy?

EU Green Deal

  • What is the real dynamic behind the EU green deal?

EU vs US

  • Who is winning regarding the circular and bio-economy?


  • Which packaging material and practice will end up winning?

Would you like to book the call?

The one-to-one call costs 125 €. Send me your contact details and I’ll reply asap

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