Biodegradation & Composting Video

Role of Bioplastics in Sustainable Packaging

Video panel discussion with industry experts on bioplastics.

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Question asked by presenter 8min 33 sec

In terms of Energy input for production? (= the energy required to produce bioplastics compared to energy required to produce fossil plastics; we’re talking about the energy needed to convert feedstock in to plastics))

Answer by Hasso von Pogrell Managing Director

I have never produced myself. I have no idea how exactly it is taking place but it should be more or less comparable. The saving is in the material that you’re using. Often those people making bioplastics often use bio energy to do so.

My remark

Mr. Hasso answer: I have never produced myself …. Well, Mr Hasso has probably never industrially composted himself either but still claims bioplastics is industrially compostable. Involuntary, Mr Hasso gives away one of the biggest ambiguous point of bioplastics:

Many scientists claim it takes more energy to convert biomass to bioplastics than converting fossil oil to plastics. In other words, the production process is less energy-efficient.

Another interesting point of Mr. Hasso: these people who produce bioplastics probably use bio-energy….Well, this is an assumption that I wouldn’t dare to make.

But it gives us another discussion point; should bioplastics be produced with bio-energy or clean energy and is it truly the case?

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