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Xampla Launches Marketing Website

The website is callled "Let's take the plastic out"

We are Xampla.

We’re creating a plant-based alternative to intentionally added microplastics. It decomposes naturally, fully and quickly, so it could provide the product benefits you’ve come to love, without harming the environment.

Our Mission

Hidden microplastics – you can’t see them but you need to know about them. So we’re revealing them here. Discover where they are and what they do. Then spread the message. Together, let’s take the plastic out. #takeplasticout

Where do they come from

They’re manufactured and added as ingredients to products. Around 50,000 tonnes of ‘intentionally added microplastics’ are used every year in Europe alone1.

These microplastics are created in the lab, then intentionally added to products. They’re different from the ones that break down in the environment from larger sources such as plastic bags.

It’s time to put them under the microscope.

What can you do?

  • Please share these images on social media to help spread the message.
  • To find out whether your beauty products contain microplastic ingredients, use the Beat the Microbead app.
  • Write to your favourite brands to encourage them to take the plastic out.
  • Share interesting data with us and we’ll add the best to this campaign.


Visit the Website Let’s take the plastic out



It may not look like it but it’s a small revolution. The Bioplastics sector is very conservative in terms of marketing. So it’s a small step for marketing but a giant leap for bioplastics. Remember that some bioplastics companies do their marketing at Rotary events … Yes, it’s that bad!

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