Bioplastics Recycled Fishing Lures

15-year-old in Central Texas starts business "Bioplastics: Recycled Fishing Lures"

15-year-old Michael Garcia spends a lot of his time fishing, but Garcia’s summer hasn’t been all leisure on the lake — he’s started up a sustainable business: “Bioplastics: Recycled Fishing Lures.”

Garcia says some anglers unfortunately just leave their old fishing lures behind. “My hand full of soft plastics that I found in Round Rock and Pflugerville,” Garcia explained. “Just one time around the pond while fishing, I could just pick up the soft plastics and I could remold them into usable lures.”

So after doing research to learn how to do it — Garcia started making something old and discarded into something new: recycled fishing lures.

“I’m hoping that some fishing stores will maybe have a box in front of the store so fishermen can place their used plastics in there so we can mold them down to have a renewable way of fishing.”

Garcia is hoping this is more than just a summer gig. “I kind of want to take this far, see as far as I can take this.  Making my own business.”

One thing’s for sure: It’s a productive way to spend a summer.”In this quarantine, it’s hard to do good things and not just sit around and watch Netflix so I decided to do something good with my time and help the environment.” 


15-year-old in Central Texas starts business “Bioplastics: Recycled Fishing Lures”


I don’t think there’s much bioplastics in here. Just gives you an idea on how bad the bioplastics communication has been. They seem to confuse recycled plastics with bioplastics.

Who’s responsible? You tell me? Who’s responsible to communicate and educate the public on bioplastics?

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