Annual Innovation in Bioplastics Awards

The eight annual Innovation in Bioplastics Award presented by the PLASTICS Bioplastics Division will recognize one outstanding innovation in unique and creative applications of bioplastics materials, products or processes by a company. The judging criteria are described further below.

Judging Criteria

Innovation is the act of being creative, introducing something new, and representing a progression of the state-of-art.

All applicants will be judged based on the following three categories:

Innovation – Does the bioplastic material, product or process truly bring something unique and groundbreaking to the marketplace?

Examples may include:

  • Use of new materials never before used in processes or product
  • Unusual combinations of materials in a process or product
  • Use of new material in a current product
  • Early applications of new process technology
  • First use of a particular process to produce a particular part
  • New performance features of a product
  • Pioneering applications into new markets

Sustainability measures – Does the bioplastic material, product or process provide some measure of enhanced sustainability?

Examples may include:

  • A new material, product or process that leads to improvements in waste reduction
  • A process that consumers less water compared to a traditional process
  • A finished product that is thinner and lighter than a traditional product
  • A product that results in pollution reduction such as reduction in CO2 emissions

Impact to the marketplace – Does the material, product or process have an impact on the marketplace?

Questions to consider may include:

  • What is the potential impact to the marketplace?
  • Is the impact significant? If so, how?
  • Does the material, product or process address a new market, or does it enhance the current market?

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