Braskem Donates Bioplastic Mask Straps

Braskem cooperates with Biopromotions and makes. 150.000 mask straps available for donation to our healthcare heroes working on the frontlines

Two months have passed since Biopromotions launched the mask straps made of Braskem’s bio-based material.

Biopromotions, a company based in the Netherlands, had reacted to the current circumstances with an innovative and supportive approach not only for the healthcare segment but also for anyone who uses a mask in their daily routine.

The innovation lies in the adding of a mask strap that supports the rubber band of the mask, removing excess pressure from the ears, making the mask more comfortable to wear.

After this successful launch of the mask straps, Braskem decided to make150.000 mask straps available for donation to hospitals and elderly homes in Germany and The Netherlands to support our healthcare heroes working on the front every day.

This joint effort combines an innovative idea from Biopromotions, in response to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, with Braskem’s global commitment to providing sustainable solutions.

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Biopromotions that has already enabled us to support many healthcare workers with this innovation. We would encourage other hospitals, clinics and care homes who feel they might benefit from the mask straps to contact Braskem in case we can support them. They are proven to offer relief, can be used multiple times, and of course should be disposed of properly,” says Marco Jansen, Circular Economy Director at Braskem.


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