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Covestro Launches Bio Polycarbonate Film

Now more than ever before, OEMs and designers are looking for sustainable alternatives to the traditional materials used in their applications. Recognizing that sustainable thinking and action are key to a brighter future, we’re expanding our materials portfolio with a novel polycarbonate film.

Sustainable innovation: the benefits of partly bio-based Makrofol® EC

As part of our long-term commitment to the circular economy, we’re bringing sustainability and innovation together with the launch of our first partly bio-based polycarbonate film: Makrofol® EC.

More than 50% of this material’s carbon content is sourced from plant-based biomass.

When compared to standard films made from petrochemicals, a portion of the oil-based primary products used have been replaced with plant-based raw materials.

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Reducing the use of raw materials based on fossil resources slashes the film’s carbon footprint by approximately 20%. 

  With Makrofol® EC polycarbonate film,  our customers can benefit from a more sustainable alternative to standard polycarbonate films that exhibits comparable or even better properties, including improved chemical and weather resistance.

This partly bio-based film also offers excellent mechanical properties and impact strength, high abrasion resistance and surface hardness, and good optical properties. 

Makrofol® EC polycarbonate films can be processed by a variety of technologies, including printing, thermoforming, high-pressure forming (HPF), coating (hardcoat, adhesive), cutting and lamination.

Polycarbonate film in action

Similar to conventional polycarbonate films, Makrofol® EC polycarbonate film can be used a variety of applications spanning several industries, including:  

  • Automotive: Speedometers, decorative trim parts and instrument clusters
  • Electrical, electronics & appliances: Electrical insulation, electronic housing and decorative control panels
  • Graphics: Labels, tags, overlays and signage
  • Packaging: Thermoformed packaging for sensitive goods

More and more customers are supporting sustainable products. This is why research on bio-based products is an important priority for us.

Wieland Hovestadt Head of Research and Development in the Specialty Films division, Covestro

Key benefits

  • High strength Features excellent mechanical properties and impact strength
  • Excellent weather and chemical resistance Offers improved resistance to UV rays and chemicals
  • High durability Provides high abrasion resistance and surface hardness


Covestro harnesses sustainability and innovation for first partly bio-based film

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