PFAS Plastic Bans US

New York to Ban Food Packaging with PFAS

New York lawmakers in both the Assembly and the Senate have passed a bill that would ban the manufacturing, selling, and distribution of food packaging that contains PFAS chemicals.

The bill was sponsored by Senator Brad Holyman and Assemblymember Pat Fahy.

PFAS chemicals have already contaminated drinking water in NYS and lawmakers say they’re trying to prevent that from happening in the food we eat.

If Gov. Cuomo signs off on this bill…these chemical will no longer be allowed as a coating on wrappers, cardboard, plastic containers and other materials that are found in some fast food and grocery store establishments.

Assemblymember Pat Fahy says “We’re seeing Hannaford, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Taco Bell, Chipotle, and Panera in their take/out containers…they’re going to stop the use of this. They’re on track to stop the use and even under this administration, the Trump administration, they have said we’re going to phase this out of any of our ready-to-eat meals in the military.”

Fahy says Washington State has already banned the use of these “forever chemicals” in food packaging and that New York should follow suit.


Bill aims to prevent PFAS from contaminating food, passes in NY Senate and Assembly

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