Evian Launches Label Free Bottle

The label-free bottle, our latest innovation in packaging and sustainability as our first circular designed bottle.


Two years in the making in our innovation lab, the design of this new bottle is created using 100% recycled* and recyclable plastic. *excluding cap

This new stripped back bottle perfectly reflects what’s on the inside; uniquely sourced natural mineral water is the way nature intended, pure and refreshing.

Our water goes on a 15-year journey through the French Alpes gives evian its naturally low mineralized composition and a distinctive cool, crisp taste.

The new bottle is a key milestone in evian’s journey to becoming a ‘fully circular’ brand by 2025- making all of its bottles from 100% recycled plastic*. Whilst the innovation will start as limited in distribution now, evian is constantly looking to push boundaries in packaging design. The new bottle could provide a solution globally for a sustainable future, especially for e-commerce where there is no need for barcode labelling.

This 40cL bottle is available in France on, at select Cojean locations and at La Grande Epicerie, and will be available in select stockists in Southeast Asia from September 2020.​ *excluding cap


evian bottles label free


Our label-free bottle

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