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The Magic Trick of Compostable Packaging Surveys

Let me show you one of the most frequent trick used during consumer surveys on compostable packaging.

There are more and more surveys about how popular compostable packaging are:

  • XX % of the people are in favour of compostable packaging
  • YY % of the people are prepared to pay more for compostable packaging
  • ZZ % of the consumers would buy a product if it’s wrapped in compostable packaging.

All true, but where is the trick? The best way to hide something is to do it in plain sight!  Let me show you…

Most surveys relate to “compostable packaging” instead of “compostable plastic packaging”.

Paper is the most popular example of “compostable packaging”. Everyone likes paper and most people believe it’s more eco-friendly than plastic.

The trick is the following. People will answer survey questions on “compostable packaging” thinking about “paper”. The survey results will be used to convince you that people had “compostable plastic packaging” on their mind when they answered the questions.

What about compostable?

Everyone likes “compost” because it’s good for the soil and plants. Right?

Most people don’t know how compost is made, they just know it’s good for the environment. Most people like the word “compostable” because it’s related to “compost” even if they don’t really understand what it means.

When asking questions about “compostable packaging”, people will assume the packaging degrades in the open environment … like paper does. They will not assume the “packaging” should be sent to an industrial compositing plant.

Surveys will usually never refer to the (1) quality or composition of compost and to (2) industrial composting facilities.

The trick is to surf on the popularity of ‘compost’ and ‘compostability’ and use that to promote  ‘compostable plastics’.

Popular Beliefs

Once you have the favourable consumer opinion results based on the popular beliefs on “paper” and “compost”, you make the rabbit appear from the hat and use the survey results to promote compostable plastics.

I told you … The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth … in the name of Nature!


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