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Santa Barbara Landfill Goes Recycling and Anaerobic Digestion

This new state-of-the-art waste management facility will increase our community's recycling rate to above 85%, generate resources, such as green energy and compost, and dramatically lower local greenhouse gas emissions.

The facility broke ground in December 2018 and is anticipated to open in early 2021.

Installation is nearing completion and is set to begin start up and commissioning by fall of 2020.

ReSource Center: Investing in the Future of Environmental Stewardship Santa Barbara County continues to expand its legacy of environmental leadership with the ReSource Center, a new cutting-edge facility that is fundamentally redefining waste recovery.

The ReSource Center converts commercial and residential waste into resources by recovering recyclable materials, transforming organics into landscape nutrients, and creating renewable energy in the process.

With this new technology, approximately 60% of additional waste from our trash cans is diverted from the landfill bringing our region’s diversion rate above 85% while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The County of Santa Barbara and select cities made the bold decision to modestly increase rates for the purpose of investing in a cleaner future for our county. As our region continues to grow, the ReSource Center is an opportunity to prepare the next generation for responsible waste management and a healthier environment.

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