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The Most Sleepy Bioplastic Award

The "Award" for the most sleepy sector of the bioplastic industry goes to ....

The “Most Sleepy Bioplastic Award” goes to …. the PHA bioplastic sector.

They have a great product but you never hear about it! It seems as if the word marketing was banned from the PHA sector.

What is their marketing strategy? Let me guess … Gospel? Sunday Church? Friday afternoon bridge? The School Fancy Fair? The local Bingo game? How do you even reach them? By fax, telex ….telegraph?

The following Discussion probably took place:

  • Customer: I’m interested in PHA. Can you send me some info pls?
  • PHA rep: Yes, of course. Shall we send you the floppy disk?
  • Customer: the floppy what?
  • PHA rep: The floppy disk with all the info.
  • Customer: Why don’t you fax it?
  • PHA rep: It’s too large.
  • Customer: Why don’t you send it by pigeon post?

More seriously … You know what … I miss Bio-on … they use to lead that industry properly!

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