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French Government Blames Black Plastic, Plastic Films and Over Packaging

French Secretary of State blames French Retailer for over Packaging. Her cabinet blames black plastic and plastic films.

Tweet of Secretary of State to the Environment, Brune Poirson:

Translation of her Tweet:

Nature has invented a a smart packaging for eggs, it’s called egg shells.

Congratulation to Leclerc (French Retailer) for this fantastic invention.

Lucklily, the new french law (Anti-spoil law, loi anti-gaspillage) will bring an end to these kind of infringements.

france eggs overpackaging

Her cabinet Added:

” There are two elements that we see on this picture.

First the black tray, most certainly made of expanded polystyrene like kebab boxes, and which will be banned from January 1, 2021.

Then stretch film, which is technically recyclable, but not necessarily everywhere since the recycling infrastructure is not yet deployed across the country. ”

Brune Poirson

Brune Poirson usually uses hard words, but remains soft to the industry.

She’s not the worse secretary of state for the industry and not the best for the environment.

She positions herself as a “hardcore” pro-consumer and pro-environment, but she remains friendly with the industry.

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