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2020 Sustainable Packaging Report by the Fibre Box Association and P&G

The 2020 Sustainable Packaging Report written by Winsight Grocery Business and sponsored by the Fibre Box Association, P&G and Kwik Lok.

Sustainable packaging is “no longer a ‘nice to have.’ It’s a must-have for any brands looking to futureproof their operations against the rising tide of consumer scrutiny.”

That proclamation, made by GlobalWebIndex in its 2019 Sustainable Packaging Unwrapped report, sums up the challenge and the opportunity facing retailers and CPG companies, which are grappling with how to incorporate sustainable packaging into their overall business plans.

It’s a topic that’s top of mind in the marketplace today—one that impacts everything from brand loyalty and affordability to each company’s bottom line. But it is consumers’ increasingly loud call for sustainably produced products that should, as the report noted, “be a wake-up call for manufacturers and brands.”

“Brands need to continue working hard on incorporating sustainability into their DNA and being open and honest with consumers along the way,” the report stressed. Just how big an issue has sustainable packaging become?

And how are all of the players in the supply chain answering the call for products packaged in a environmentally conscious way?

In this special report, Winsight Grocery Business answers those questions by exploring how shoppers are driving retailers, CPG companies and packaging manufacturers to embrace sustainable packaging initiatives that will impact the marketplace—and the planet— today and in the years ahead.

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Sustainable packaging report

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