Chemical Recycling Joint Venture & Partnerships

Total and PureCycle Partner on Chemical Recycling

Total has signed an agreement with PureCycle Technologies to develop a strategic partnership in plastic recycling.

As part of the agreement, Total undertakes to purchase part of the output of PureCycle Technologies’ future facility in the United States and to assess the interest of developing a new plant together in Europe.

PureCycle Technologies uses an innovative, patented technology to separate color, odor and any other contaminants from plastic waste feedstock to transform it into virgin-like recycled polypropylene.

The company, which will begin construction on its first plant in Ohio (U.S.A.) this year, will produce 48,000 tons of recycled polypropylene.

“This partnership is an important new milestone for Total as it strengthens the Group’s position in chemical recycling.

This first partnership in the United States opens new perspectives for addressing the challenge of the circular economy and achieving our ambition of producing 30% recycled polymers by 2030”, said Valérie Goff, Senior Vice President, Polymers at Total.

“Total possesses world-class expertise in the research, development and production of polypropylene.

We believe Total represents the best possible strategic partner for PureCycle as we strive to scale this very promising and transformational technology globally.

The introduction of recycled polypropylene that can be used interchangeably with virgin resin will have an enormously beneficial impact on the global plastics circular economy.

Total shares our passion to make this happen and we are very pleased to have them as a strategic partner”, commented Mike Otworth, CEO of PureCycle Technologies.

Total and Plastics Recycling

Total is deeply committed to recycling plastics and intends to produce 30% recycled polymers by 2030.

To achieve that goal, it is working on all types of recycling to improve the properties and uses of recycled plastics:

Total is a leader in innovative polymers, pioneering with the production of some fifteen grades of polypropylene and polyethylene containing at least 50% recycled materials.

Total has also become involved in mechanical recycling by acquiring Synova, French leader in the production of high-performance recycled polypropylene for the automotive industry.

The affiliate’s output will be doubled to reach 40,000 tons by 2021.

In the area of chemical recycling, Total has joined forces with Citeo, Recycling Technologies, Nestlé and Mars in December 2019 to develop chemical recycling of plastics in France.



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