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Vegware Guide for Social Distancing Catering

Back to business, A practical guide to packaging for socially distanced catering.

We’ve created a 24-page interactive guide to new packaging requirements, to help foodservice plan the return to work:

  • Packaging the new normal
  • Service models for social distance
  • Product look book for snacking, main meals, packed lunches & more
  • Marketing support

Environmental support

Disposables are in greater demand, and sustainability is more important than ever. Our entire range is made from plant-based materials, and is suitable for commercial composting where accepted.

The guide shares marketing support and environmental advice, helping our clients access suitable composting collections.

We are here for you foodservice, providing the packaging you need to carry on what you do best: creating new menus, serving delicious food, and feeding communities.


Back to business | A practical guide to packaging for socially distanced catering

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