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Braskem and Biopromotions Partner on Mask Straps

Braskem and Biopromotions collaborate on sustainable mask straps. Biopromotions has developed mask straps made of a Braskem’s bio-based material.

The mask straps are designed to help those who need to wear a mask all day, for instance, in hospitals or at the doctor’s practice, but also those who are not used to using this new accessory.

This joint effort combines an innovative idea from Biopromotions, in response to the current extreme circumstances regarding COVID-19, with Braskem’s global commitment to providing sustainable solutions.

Biopromotions, a company based in the Netherlands, is reacting to the current circumstances with an innovative and supportive approach not only for the healthcare segment but also for anyone who uses a mask in their daily routine.

The innovation lies in the adding of a mask strap that supports the rubber band of the mask, removing excess pressure from the ears, making the mask more comfortable to wear.

“We have seen how our nurses in the Netherlands, but also worldwide, are fighting hard to save the lives of thousands of people every day.

Given the increased use of masks and other vital protective equipment at this time, our aim was to come up with a design that could help avoid irritation for medical professionals – hence the mask strap which reduces the day-long strain around a nurse’s ears.

The material used to make the mask strap should reflect our company’s ideals of quality and sustainability, which is why we chose to use this particular material.

Because of our great cooperation with Braskem, we have chosen a soft bio-based material that is very nice to use and also feels soft around the head. 

In this way, we at Biopromotions and Braskem hope to bring some much-needed relief to essential workers in this battle”, says Robert de Waal, Managing Director at Biopromotions.

At Biopromotions, the aim is to reduce the environmental impact of their products as much as possible, and therefore they decided that Braskem’s I’m greenTM polyethylene was the most sustainable solution compared to other conventional alternatives.

This is in large part because of the fact that the raw material is sugarcane, a source of renewable carbon.

For every kg of I’m green™ polyethylene used, more than 5 kg of CO2 is saved.

By using this bio-based material, Biopromotions will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of its product, as well as the use of fossil resources.

Biopromotions and Braskem set an example of a model collaboration based on innovation, awareness of the circumstances and sustainability in every aspect.

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