The Corona Champion

Who's thriving during the Corona Crisis?

Covestro seems to be mastering the social media communications during the Corona Crisis.


A few examples of their social media activities related directly to the Corona Crisis.

Another one

Plastic News – 29 May

Annual Reports

Covestro found a way to communicate about their annual report in a fun way though quizzes.

Other companies

Covestro connects with other companies during the Corona crisis.

Another one

Winners of Corona Crisis


Covestro is jumping on the bandwagon of webinars during the corona crisis

Product Marketing

Without forgetting product marketing…

Digital Transformation

Covestro even manages to communicate on their digital transformation vision.

Circular Plastics


EVEN Covestro CEO has turned into a Corona Crisis Communication Champion.


Covestro also manages to win awards during the Corona Crisis.

Compostable Plastics


All of this is not even 2 days on the Covestro social media feed.

Biobased Plastics

Their activity even triggered me to find out more about their company as I published an article on Covestro yesterday

Who is Covestro?

Covestro was able to react fast and become a communication leader overnight.

In fact, no company is even coming close to Covestro in the last few weeks.

I’m impressed….Covestro, A champion in the making….

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