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Tealeaves Goes Futamura Natureflex

TEALEAVES will be transitioning to backyard compostable tea envelopes, made of NatureFlex, in 2021.

Today, TEALEAVES, luxury tea blender, announces the transition to home compostable tea bag envelopes, to be available at the start of 2021.

Announced in celebration of Earth Month, TEALEAVES’ latest sustainability initiative aligns with their quest to advance society’s environmental awareness and conscientiousness, one cup at a time.

Focused on quality and craft, TEALEAVES strives to be custodians of the plants and botanicals that they use every day.

This announcement follows TEALEAVES’ longstanding commitment to sparking awareness of and actively combating the loss of biodiversity.

To learn more about the Company’s environmental initiatives, visit TEALEAVES’ Earth Month Statement.

“Since our founding 25 years ago, our enduring love for plants and botanicals has always intrinsically linked us back to nature, with everything we do.

Committed to Mother Earth, we look at the entire system with the thought, intention, and respect that it deserves.” – Lana Sutherland, TEALEAVES Co-Founder and CEO

Intending to further reduce the impact of TEALEAVES’ current line of plant-based Polylactic Acid (PLA) sachets, a comprehensive examination of packaging materials were implemented.

The analysis resulted in the selection of NatureFlex as the material of choice for the envelopes.

Made of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified birch and eucalyptus wood pulp, Natureflex is an industry-leading innovation in sustainable tea packaging.

The Natureflex envelopes reduce plastic waste, while safeguarding the quality and delicate complexity of the tea leaves themselves.

Compared to an estimated 100 to 500 years for petroleum-based plastics, the envelopes will take 6 months to break-down in garden compost.


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TEALEAVES, Luxury Tea Purveyor, Announces Fully Compostable Tea Bag Line for Earth Day

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