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New Vice-Chairman Circular Biobased Delta

Freek van Eijk, CEO of Holland Circular Hotspot and Managing Director of Acceleratio, has been appointed as a board member and vice-chairman of the Circular Biobased Delta Foundation.

With this passionate director, the new board is ready for the future.

Together with the recently appointed Acceleration Team, the Circular Biobased Delta is committed to accelerate the transition towards a green and profitable economy.

A transition that is on top of the agenda.

Chairman of the Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) Willem Sederel:

“The managing board has substantial expertise, but needed reinforcement towards initiating new projects, attracting parties and funding. Freek has a strong drive and capability and experience to achieve this.

My fellow directors Herman de Boon, Manon Baartmans and I are therefore delighted with his arrival. He is a circular economy driver from the very beginning and brings a lot of knowledge and a large network. ”

At Holland Circular Hotspot, Van Eijk creates and strengthens export and investment opportunities for Dutch businesses in the area of the circular economy and contributes to the international exchange of knowledge and innovation.

With his company Acceleratio he was the initiator of the first International Green Deal “The North Sea Resources Roundabout”.

Previously, he was director of strategy and public affairs at multinational SUEZ and board member of the Dutch Waste Management Association and the Society and Company Foundation.

Freek van Eijk:

“Linking the high-tech agro-food and chemical chain and bringing together the knowledge and passion of the authorities and partners involved, offers great opportunities for the green economy in the Delta region.

Capitalizing on these opportunities is in the interest of the necessary climate ambitions and the smartest and highest quality use of raw materials, but also for the employment and international significance of our country.

Right now, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, we are becoming more aware of the dependencies and side effects of the ‘old’ economy.

That is why we must work harder than ever on a future with a resilient, circular, sustainable and competitive economy.

It is great to be able to contribute to this and I hope that many of us want to pick up this glove together with CBBD.”

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