The Worse Corona Communication

The worse Corona Crisis social media post goes to ....

Mitsui Chemicals.

Posted on their official social media accounts:

peopleofmitsuichemicals My activities when I am at home would be to admire my fishes and plants.
I also used this chance to enhance my fish tank with more automation, which is something that I did not had the time for.
Gaming and catching up on television programs and series are other great activities to kill time.
Oh, entertaining my wife with my not-so-funny jokes is part of my daily schedule too.
Personally, I will keep to my usual daily routine such as the time I wake up.
With the time saved on travelling to work (average about 3 hours), I would explore new stuff that can be done.
For now, I am trying to pick up a new language.

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rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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