Supply Chain Total Corbion During Corona

Corona preventive measures and our ongoing ability to supply Luminy® PLA.

Dear customer or supplier,

We realize we are in a turbulent and dynamic situation due to the global Corona outbreak and the preventive measures taken to prevent further spreading.

In our offices around the world we have taken various measures to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and to reduce the risk of further spreading.

Measures we have taken in our regional offices include strictly minimal travel, increased hygiene (e.g. increased washing of hands, more frequent cleaning, etc. ) and, where possible, working from home.

This is not an exhaustive list of our measures; The exact measures depend on the country where our offices are located, the local situation and the local government.

We have also updated our Business Continuity Plan to include response to pandemic events.

Regarding our ability to supply Luminy® PLA resins, we would like to inform you as follows:

  • Our Luminy® PLA production plant is based in Thailand. Our production is currently running according to planning. Our production has not been negatively impacted by (preventive) Corona measures.
  • The key raw materials we need for the production of PLA are also produced in Thailand. The production of our key raw materials has not been negatively impacted by (preventive) Corona measures.
  • Our ability to ship out product from our warehouse in Rayong, Thailand direct to customers and / or to our regional Europe and USA warehouses has not been negatively impacted by (preventive) Corona measures.
  • Our regional warehouse in Europe (in Oss, the Netherlands) and in the USA (in Norfolk, Virginia) – and our ability to ship from these warehouses – have not been negatively impacted by (preventive) Corona measures.
  • Depending on where you as a customer are located, restrictions on the final leg of delivery could be present. It is best to check this locally. Total Corbion PLA Chamber of Commerce no. 67982913

To monitor the situation we have put in place a crisis management team which is meeting multiple times per week.

This team is also closely aligned with the crisis management activities at Corbion (our key raw material supplier, co-located on our Thai production site) and Total.

Total Corbion PLA is joining the fight against the Corona virus by donating Luminy® PLA resins for the production of 3D printed medical devices and protective equipment.

In these difficult times our support and encouragement goes out to all the victims of Corona, to the ones that care for the sick and to the ones that might have lost a friend or relative.

We realize the situation around Corona and the preventive measures is dynamic and if anything will change in our ability to produce, ship and deliver product we will reach out to you quickly.


Update situation Total Corbion PLA concerning Corona virus


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