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The Luckiest Man in the Bioplastics Industry

Who is the luckiest man in the bioplastics industry today?

Bio-on EX CEO Marco Astorri who is under house arrest during the corona / covid19 confinement measures.

How lucky is that? Your house arrest is transformed into a corona confinement.

Remember that Italy has the most severe confinement measures in Europe at this point in time.

Marco Astorri, CEO Bio-on

In Short

Bio-on has been declared bankrupt.

The official reason was mismanagement by CEO Marci Astorri.

Marco Astorri claims it was a conspiracy by an Israeli- American investment firm who spread rumours and short sold Bio-on shares.

The trial of bio-on has been delayed from April 17 to September 25, 2020.

Will the company and brand name Bio-on survive?

Will Justice be done in Italy?

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