Braskem and the Corona Crisis

Braskem hereby informs its shareholders and the market that, in view of recent events and the progression of the COVID‐19 (coronavirus) outbreak, it has formed a crisis committee with the aim of establishing global procedures focusing mainly on the health of people and the continuity of its operations.

The Company has taken the following measures:

Recommended that all team members and contractors work remotely.

Established a minimum team in industrial areas to ensure safety and operational continuity matters.

Prohibited all national and international business travel, apart from exceptional cases.

Quarantining any team member or contractor returning from international travel or high risk areas, whether for business travel or personal reasons.

Recommended that internal and face‐to‐face meetings with over 20 people be avoided, and prohibiting participation in corporate events with 50 people or more.

Recommending that non‐routine contractors and suppliers do not visit Braskem’s facilities, while also prohibiting access by visitors or third parties coming from high risk areas to Braskem’s facilities.

Creating schedules jointly with clients and local communities that optimize the distribution of its products in a way that helps combat the pandemic.

The Company further informs that to date it has not identified any relevant impacts on its industrial operations, sales or financial situation.

However, given the rapidly changing scenario, Braskem cannot predict the potential impact from the COVID‐19 outbreak on the global economy and, therefore, on its operations.

The Company will keep the market informed of any significant developments related to this matter.


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