Corona Recycling

French Waste Collection and Corona Crisis

The inventory was established based on information known on April 1.

It concerns :

  • Sorting center activity
  • Continuity of glass collection
  • Material recovery

The bottom line: as of April 1, collection and sorting are generally maintained:

  • Glass packaging: collection is maintained in 91% of communities *.
  • Light packaging (plastics, cardboard, metals) and paper: collection is maintained in 79% of communities **.
  • The sorting centers’ processing capacity is estimated at 62%, with more centers closed in Ile de France and Grand East than in the rest of France.

*: sample of 90 communities representing more than 35 million inhabitants

**: sample covering 89 communities representing nearly 29 million inhabitants

During this particular period, the collection and sorting sectors are mobilized. This gesture is all the more essential as it feeds the recycling chain and contributes to supplying the material necessary for the manufacture of new packaging.


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Impact du Covid19 sur la collecte sélective en France

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