Symphony Environmental and the Corona Crisis

As the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is felt across the globe, Symphony Environmental is taking all necessary measures to ensure that our workplace, people and clients are safeguarded and that we have the strictest protocols in place for business continuity. 

We have taken the following steps to ensure there is no adverse effect on our business.

Firstly, we are doing our part to help slow down the spread of the virus. Following the announcement made by the UK Government on March 23rd, we are following all of the guidance related to business operations, social/physical distancing and overall public health/hygiene.

Secondly, we are taking necessary measures to mitigate any potential risk to the uninterrupted delivery of critical support to our customers.

Our employees are working from home unless there are business critical operations that can only be undertaken in the office, and we are utilizing teleworking systems (using video conferencing wherever possible), postponed business travel and placed a moratorium on conferences, seminars and all external events.

Thirdly, as a company that is uniquely positioned to address public health/hygiene, we will continue educating the public about innovative solutions such as our d2p anti-microbial products which make plastic surfaces lethal to microbes.

We are also providing guidance on our d2w technology, which addresses the issue of plastic pollution by enabling single-use plastic to become biodegradable should it escape into the open environment.

Utilizing intelligent plastic packaging that protects consumers and their food from microbial contamination is all the more important as we face this virus.

The steps outlined above reflect our commitment to doing our part and protecting our employees, clients, partners as well as the overall community.

We will continually review the situation and provide updates as appropriate. Please check our websites and social media.


Symphony Environmental – Statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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