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Sulapac End of Life Nonsense

Sulapac gives us a good example of what not to do in terms of end-of-life greenwashing fairy tailing marketing.

Sulapac isn’t probably best known for its long-term usage possibilities.

The material is designed to vanish naturally after use – it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable through industrial composting.

But if Sulapac is kept in room temperature and is not exposed to moisture or microbes, it can in fact, last for many years!

We at Sulapac encourage you to commit to the 4 Rs: reducing consumption, replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives, recycling materials after use and reusing items for as long as possible.

Sulapac is used for example in cosmetics, jewelry and food packaging as a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic.

If the local recycling system allows, we advise you to recycle your Sulapac jar with biowaste after use.

But before saying a final goodbye to your Sulapac box, we suggest that you upcycle your beautiful containers.

We put together a list of recommended ways to reuse Sulapac packaging. Which one is your favorite?

1. Wrap your gift in a Sulapac box

Did you receive a box of chocolate or some other gift packed in Sulapac?

That gift keeps on giving! Reuse Sulapac as a beautiful gift box to give something to someone special, and the environment.

2. Create a matching game for young kids

Sulapac boxes come in different colors, shapes and sizes. If you have a few different kinds, you can separate the lids from the containers and have children pair them up again.

Kids between the ages 2 and 4 can work on their fine motor skills and learn the colors while having fun with the colorful pieces.

3. Organize clutter into a beautiful stack

The Scandinavian nature-inspired design of Sulapac makes the boxes stand out as beautiful home decor items.

The wood chips and harmonious colors of the material make up for interesting combinations for mixing & matching.

Get your post-its, keys, coins and other disorganized stuff stacked up into a sustainable statement piece in your living room.

4. Collect a durable emergency sewing kit

Besides reducing, replacing, reusing and recycling, repairing is a key element in living sustainably.

Loose stitches or lost buttons don’t turn your dress into trash, if you are prepared with a small sewing kit.

Sulapac material is hard and durable enough to keep your needles and scissors contained safely in your bag.

5. DIY sustainable advent calendar

Do you have friends who love cosmetic products packed in Sulapac too, giving you access to multiple empty containers at some point?

It’s not too early to start preparing for the holidays: collect 24 boxes and turn them into abeautiful advent calendar!

You can fill the boxes with some goodies and notes that promise shared experiences. For more sustainable holiday inspiration, check our blog about gift ideas with zero plastic waste.

6. Store your jewelry and accessories

Got your jewelry, bobby pins and hair elastics all tangled up? Put them into empty Sulapac boxes.

Your Mother (Nature) will be happy you organized your stuff.

7. Grow your own Easter grass in a Sulapac jar

Easter is just around the corner, so this is the perfect time to start growing your own Easter grass.

Just get some soil and wheatgrass to put into an empty Sulapac jar.

The jar starts decomposing over time, but will last through the holidays! You could also give a little Easter gift to a friend by planting the seeds and closing the lid for the gift-giving moment.



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