Corona Retail

Brussels Supermarkets Hit by Corona Crisis

Let's have a look at the situation in a Brussels supermarket close to the EU Parliament and Commission used by EU officials. It will give you an idea of how EU officials are experiencing the corona crisis.

People are queuing outside the supermarket as only 150 people are allowed inside at the same time.

In the meantime, brown tapes were added on the ground every 1.5 metres to indicate the recommended social distance to respect.

Seniors have a privileged access between 8.00 and 9.00 am.

Soap and Sanitising gel

Shortages in soap and sanitising gel as you can expect. The brands “Palmolive” and “Dettol” are the most wanted. No limited purchases imposed on these products. Only the most expensive soaps from Palmolive are still available. Notes have been added: These products are temporally unavailable due to limited supply.


White and private labels tissues are out of stock. The branded and more expensive products are still available in limited quantities.

Bandages and Band Aid

White label bandages and band aids are sold out.

Sanitary Napkins

Still OK, but some brands are sold out.

Pasta Sauces

Pasta sauces are almost sold out…especially the ones made from tomatoes.


Rice is completely sold out.


Pasta is sold out… just a few exceptions.


Do it yourself bakery products are sold out

Frozen Food

Fish stick, frozen fish and frozen food are OK.

Ice cream and Frozen Fruit



No problem

Vegetables in Cans

Almost completely sold out!



Fresh Sushi Counter

Should be fine.


Almost sold out.

Chips and Salty Snacks

As you can see.

Toilet paper

Limited supply. Almost sold out. Max 2 articles per person. Limited refill of paper during the course of the day.

Kitchen paper

Limited supply. Almost Sold out. Max 2 article per person.


Limited Supply


Special accommodation made around the cash desk to avoid contact with the employee.



Overall it’s OK. If you look at it from an English or American perspective, it looks a bit empty.

But then again, from a Belgian perspective,  it’s Ok. Belgium is not a tightest ship around.



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