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Survey to Develop PET Chemical Recycling

How can textile producers and processors avoid PET waste or treat it as profitably as possible? The DEMETO project, supported by the European Outdoor Group, is dedicated to this question. Textile and recycling experts can now provide valuable input in the "DEMETO 2020 Survey - End of Life Strategy".

The DEMETO 2020 Survey – End of Life Strategy is particularly aimed at people with experience in the textile supply chain (brands, factories, suppliers, retailers). It aspires to determine what happens to products and waste, including post-consumer, returns and excess stock.

DEMETO aims to develop new and innovative technologies for the chemical recycling of PET. The survey can be filled out quickly and easily up to and including 27 March and can be found here.

DEMETO is a European project and was funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The European Outdoor Group (EOG) is one of 13 partners of the DEMETO consortium, that come from all over Europe and share the common vision that DEMETO will help create a more sustainable world.

Take the survey:

DEMETO 2020 SURVEY – End of Life Strategy


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