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Plastic Recycling to Finance Glass Recycling in France

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has a particular vision when it comes to recycling.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition wants to pool waste collection, especially for glass bottles.

The Secretary of State to the Ministry of Ecological Transition went to visit the Marcoussis brewery.

Accompanied by Bernard Stalter, National President of the Chambers of Trades and Crafts, she traveled across the field to see whether the anti-waste law, passed in December 2019, meets the expectations and realities in the field.

“The idea is that recycling plastic funds that of glass”

Because for the government, glass recycling is one of the subjects of the anti-waste law.

“We advocate a very concrete implementation with a mutualization system for recycling glass bottles to support craft breweries,” says Brune Poirson.

By relying on the emergence of instructions, we want to push manufacturers towards more virtuous practices; The idea is that recycling plastic funds that of glass .

“Recycling, we’ve been thinking about it from the start,” he says. We offer craft beer from organic farming, so these environmental criteria matter to us. But the implementation is complicated because very quickly expensive. ”

“In Ile-de-France, we are around 70 craft breweries, within a radius of more than 100 km”
From the start of the brewery, the Oshs planned to recycle the glass bottles.

“But to take off the paper labels, you need a large tank of soda; which only treats 1,000 bottles per day and which requires 2 cubic meters of hot water per day, and 5% of the bottles are non-compliant. ”

If the Marcoussis brewery wanted to recycle 100 % of its glass bottles, it would have to invest “between 100,000 and 200,000 euros”.

“A much too important investment, especially when you know that an empty, new and sterile bottle costs only 13 cents,” continues François Ochs.

And the pooling mentioned by Brune Poirson, I don’t believe in it. In Ile-de-France, we are around 70 craft breweries, within a radius of more than 100 km. ”

He thought of another solution: the growler. “This is a bottle of draft beer,” explains François Ochs. The only drawback is that the beer can only be stored for 15 days to three weeks. But consumers could come to the brewery with their large bottle and their reusable capsule or go to cafes around which could turn into resellers. I am more in favor of this type of personalized recycling. ”



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La secrétaire d’Etat Brune Poirson parle recyclage à la brasserie de Marcoussis



Even the brewers (users of glass) don’t believe in the French Government vision when it comes to glass recycling.

Read between the lines: taxing plastic recycling to fund glass recycling …. What a brilliant idea …. a French Fiasco in the making….

Do you know why the “rooster” is the national symbol of France? No? Well, it’s the only animal that keeps singing with his feet in the shit.




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