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Holland Bioplastics Did Not Join the NL Circular Economy Initiative

The Plastic Pact NL is an initiative of the Dutch Government to tackle the plastic problem and to create a circular economy.

The Plastic Pact NL is an initiative of more than 70 organizations and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

With the signing of the Plastic Pact, your organization commits itself to the goal of 20% less plastic in 2025 and more recycling and sustainable alternatives.

The State Secretary Stientje van Velthoven from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is launched the Plastic Pact NL in February 2019.

The Plastic Pact NL must translate the spearheads expressed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with the aim of converting the current linear economy into a circular economy, into concrete actions.

In order to make this possible, there has been intensive consultation in recent months between various parties who must realize the objectives.

Holland Bioplastics, the branch organization for bioplastics in the Netherlands, was one of the parties involved in the formulation of the Plastic Pact NL.

Unfortunately, however, the content of the definitive Plastic Pact NL is such that Holland Bioplastics has decided not to sign the pact.



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Brancheorganisatie Holland Bioplastics ondertekent Plastic Pact NL niet



What a missed opportunity!




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