Clear on Plastics Campaign To Educate UK Citizens

Cutting through the confusion on plastic packaging! Clear on Plastics is a campaign brought to you by WRAP, the sustainability not-for-profit, and supported by The UK Plastics Pact.

Clear on Plastics exists to cut through the confusion and give citizens clear, evidence-based information on plastics and sustainability, allowing them to make their own informed choices.

Our aim is to give people clear information about the complex world of plastics, waste and recycling – for instance, explaining the role of plastics, and demonstrating the balance between the benefits and drawbacks of alternatives.

The campaign will launch on the 2nd March 2020.

Clear on Plastics will be a social media led campaign amplified by influencer content and the support of UK Plastics Pact members, Pact supporters and other partners such as Local Authorities.

Driving the campaign will be a series of new channels including a citizen-facing website, social media channels (Twitter and Instagram), and earned media.

Why do we need to change the conversation?

Before we can change the behaviours of citizens, they need to be armed with information to make informed decisions.

If we can add clarity in a world of complex information and a complicated narrative on plastic pollution, then there is a greater chance that we can influence positive behaviour change in the future.

We see Clear on Plastics as an awareness campaign which has the potential to unlock this behaviour change – it is not a behaviour change campaign itself.

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clear on plastics

clear on plastics

clear on plastics


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