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Bioplastics Dog Pads by WizSmart

Pads are made with bioplastic from sugar cane and unused baby diapers.

WizSmart by Petix is expanding its product line to include a new dog pad where both the packaging and the liner are made with bioplastic from sugar cane.

The company has also added a larger 24 count pack size for the popular Ultra XL Pads. Each year, WizSmart transforms more than 120 million unused baby diapers each year into an innovative super absorbent blend for their thick and soft dog pads.

Krister Holm, general manager of WizSmart, comments:

“Our new WizSmart Earth Friendly Dog Pads have all the features, benefits and performance our customers have become accustomed to, our male dog solution, the stay-put tabs and our pads stay dry all day.  The key difference is that we are using bioplastic in the packaging and liner of this new Earth Friendly line. Bioplastic is made from sugar cane which is a renewable source.  When sugar cane grows it captures CO2, reducing carbon footprint. We help save fossil energy resources which are non-renewable. Bioplastic is 100% recyclable and works exactly like regular plastic.”

WizSmart experienced tremendous growth in 2019 by quadrupling their retail presence in all 50 states and Canada.

WizSmart is focused on supporting their retail stores and developing innovative, earth friendly, sustainable products consumers want and need.




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WizSmart By Petix Launches Earth Friendly Dog Pads



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