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EU Guide to Calculate Eco Footprint of T-shirts

The Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Guide provides detailed and comprehensive technical guidance on how to conduct a PEF study.

PEF studies may be used for a variety of purposes, including in-house management and participation in voluntary or mandatory programmes.

For all requirements not specified in this PEFCR the applicant shall refer to the documents this PEFCR is in conformance with (see chapter 2.7)

The compliance with the present PEFCR is optional for PEF in-house applications, whilst it is mandatory whenever the results of a PEF study or any of its content is intended to be communicated.

This PEFCR uses precise terminology to indicate the requirements, the recommendations and options that could be chosen when a PEF study is conducted.

  • The term “shall” is used to indicate what is required in order for a PEF study to be in conformance with this PEFCR.
  • The term “should” is used to indicate a recommendation rather than a requirement. Any deviation from a “should” requirement has to be justified when developing the PEF study and made transparent.
  • The term “may” is used to indicate an option that is permissible. Whenever options are available, the PEF study shall include adequate argumentation to justify the chosen option.

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EU eco footprint Tshirt

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