Novamont Mulching Film Certified for Organic Farming

New milestone showcased at BIOFACH 2020 (Hall 3A - Stand 521) alongside compostable solutions for packaging, food service and personal hygiene.

Farmers around the world have now available a fully soil-biodegradable mulching film made of Novamont’s Mater-Bi bioplastic that is certified for organic agriculture.

The new milestone for soil protection will be showcased at BIOFACH 2020 in Nuremberg until February 15 (Hall 3A – Stand 521) alongside innovative compostable solutions for packaging, food service and personal hygiene.

The mulching film complies both with the European standard UNI EN17033 created in January 2018 to regulate the biodegradability of BDMs in soil together with the absence of toxic effects on land, and with “AIAB Technical Means” developed by the Italian Organic Farming Association to guarantee all products used by growers are compatible with the environment and meet technical and ethical sustainability requirements.

Moreover, Novamont, AIAB and Bioagricert (the control and certification body for organic production) have developed a specific standard that requires mulching films for organic farming to have the maximum content of renewable raw materials derived from natural renewable NON-GMO sources.

The material and the film must not contain traces of recombinant DNA and the raw materials must be identified by appropriate NON-GMO attestations.

Novamont’s Mater-Bi mulching film can be used under different environmental conditions and on crops having different cycles with excellent agricultural results.

It does not need to be recovered and disposed of after harvesting, but can be left in the soil where it is biodegraded by microorganisms, thus helping to reduce plastic waste production and protect the land from pollution by plastics.

An LCA “cradle to grave” comparison between AIAB-certified MATER-BI biodegradable mulching film and a conventional plastic one, carried out under conditions prevalent in Italy (in terms of disposal and use of mulching films), indicated a 20 to 55% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, expressed as CO2 equivalent, in favour of biodegradable films.

At BIOFACH 2020 Novamont is also presenting a range of compostable innovative solutions for packaging, food service and personal hygiene from renewable sources, designed to protect soil and water, with a view to the circularity of resources and the decarbonisation of production and consumption systems:


  • High-barrier compostable packaging for bakery/snack products

This has gas and steam permeability comparable to that of conventional packaging, and at the end of life can be recycled with organic waste. Derived from raw materials of vegetable origin and ideal for replacing multilayer packaging that cannot be recycled or is contaminated with food residues, these solutions have been developed by Novamont and Saes Group jointly with leading Italian industrial partners in the field of flexible packaging (Ticino Plast, Sacchital and Ima Group).

  • Self-absorbing cardboard trays for the butchery sector

These special trays, produced using highly innovative technology, are made of pure cellulose and MATER-BI, and can absorb the fluids released by different cuts of meat and fish.

  • Wrapping paper

This TUV Austria-certified paper is a pure white kraft paper of pure cellulose laminated with MATER-BI film suitable for direct contact with food of all types. It is produced by Nicoletti Cartotecnica in collaboration with Polycart. Tests carried out have shown better preservation of packaged food in comparison with conventional paper laminated with HDPE.

  • Fruit & vegetable bags

With a renewable raw material content of up to 60%, the new MATER-BI fruit and vegetable bags have excellent mechanical strength, good transparency and industrial and domestic compostability properties, in compliance with the regulations of various European countries.


Dishes, glasses, cutlery, bowls, ice cream tubs and spatulas, lids for glasses: a complete MATER-BI line for group and commercial catering. All products are suitable for contact with food and have obtained UNI EN 13432 compostability certification.

Personal Hygiene

  • 100% organic cotton absorbent pads.

Absorbent pads and panty liners of the Organyc brand by Corman made exclusively of MATER-BI and 100% organic cotton, inside and out, certified according to GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) by ICEA Italia and Soil Association.

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