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Bioplastic Cases for Samsung Galaxy

After yesterday's presentation for the Galaxy S20 line of phones, many of you may have already made the decision to order one of the three models to be your next phone. Since Samsung is sticking to the glass sandwich recipe for this generation, it may be wise to wrap that (potentially $1400) phone in a case to add a bit of protection.

If you didn’t choose one of Samsung’s options, Moment has a couple cases available that might fit the bill, and they are designed to be very environmentally friendly.

Biodegradable cases

Moment offers two cases for each S20 variant, including the Biodegradable Case and the Thin Case.

While the names might make them sound pretty different, they are both made of the same material that biodegrades in as little as 6-12 months in a compost heap, or a few years in a landfill — don’t worry, they will easily outlast the phone if they aren’t exposed to those conditions.

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Being good for the environment doesn’t mean there’s a drop in quality.

Both cases are unobtrusive at just 1.5mm in thickness and tested to protect a phone from a 6-foot drop.

The choice between the two types of cases will come down to a single question: Do you want to use Moment lenses or attach a strap to the case? If you say yes to either of those, buy the Thin Case; otherwise, save some money and go with the Biodegradable Case.

The Thin Case includes a plastic insert for mounting lenses and small plastic inserts in the bottom for attaching a wrist straps and lanyards, both of which can be removed before disposal.

Moment has confirmed that all of the latest M-series lenses are compatible with the S20, although the macro lens may have some vignetting.

These are the first non-iPhone cases to come out in bioplastic. Unlike previous Moment cases, you won’t have wood and canvas styles to choose from.

The S20 cases are currently only available in black.

The Thin Case carries the normal $39.99 price tag you’ve seen on previous Moment cases, but the Biodegradable case comes in at just $19.99.

If you’re not interested in mounting lenses or using a wrist strap, that might be a pretty reasonable price for a case that earned high praise in our Pixel 4 roundup.



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Moment announces biodegradable cases for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra





rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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