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Video documentary on a French Composting Startup called "Les Alchimistes".

The company is called “Les Alchimistes” and has one composting site in France.

The bio-waste has to be turned regularly to provide enough oxygen for the bacteria to proliferate and transform the waste into compost. The process takes 8 weeks to produce compost.

This process releases a lot of heat that kills salmonella and other pathogens.

Since 2016, companies in France who produce more than 10 tons of bio-waste annually are forced to sort and valorise their bio-waste.

In 2023, all producers of bio-waste in France will have to do the same … including the households.

The “Les Alchimistes” currently have one site. They recently raised 2 millions € and intend to build ten similar sites in France.

Their objectives is to have 1.000 composting sites in France and take 10 % of the total waste management in France.

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